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asır bank stakeholders

We aim to create lasting value for all our stakeholders and to maintain our position as the forefront practitioner in corporate governance through ongoing adherence to dynamic corporate governance principles.

  • Commercial registration certificates

  • Articles of Association

  • Ownership Structure

  • Management Structure

  • Committees (Audit Committee, Corporate Governance Committee, Remuneration Committee)

  • Corporate Governance

asır bank stakeholders


At ASIR BANK, our success is intertwined with the trust and support of our different stakeholder groups. We see our customers, shareholders, employees and the communities we serve as integral partners in our journey. With our heritage built over the years, we recognize the importance of developing strong relationships with our stakeholders. As our customer, your financial well-being is our primary focus. We are committed to providing innovative and reliable solutions that meet your unique needs. We are committed to maintaining transparency and delivering sustainable growth for our shareholders. Our people are the lifeblood of our organization and we prioritize their development and well-being. We actively participate in initiatives that contribute to progress and inclusion in the communities where we operate. Together, we are building a resilient ecosystem that drives ASIR BANK forward.

asır bank annual meetings


Our annual meetings are one of the cornerstones of transparency at ASIR BANK. We recognize the importance of open communication with our shareholders and stakeholders. These meetings provide us with a platform to reflect on our achievements, discuss our financial performance and set our strategic direction. By providing a comprehensive overview of our operations and financial health, we give our stakeholders insight into our decision-making processes. As an opportunity for engagement, our Annual Meetings allow us to receive valuable feedback and input from our shareholders and stakeholders, ensuring that our actions are aligned with their expectations. Through these annual meetings, we aim to foster trust, encourage co-operation and demonstrate our unwavering commitment to ethical and responsible banking practices.


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