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At ASIR BANK, we believe that true success transcends generations. Our centuries-old heritage has embedded responsibility and forward thinking into our core. Sustainability is not just a trend for us; sustainability is a commitment based on our values and our understanding that the choices we make today will shape the world for tomorrow.


As ASIR BANK, we are aware that true innovation is equivalent to sustainability. Our commitment to being a technology-driven and innovative bank extends beyond financial solutions. We recognize that our activities, decisions and commitments have a profound impact on the environment and society. That is why we are committed to supporting a sustainable future in every aspect of our work.

asır bank sustainability

Banking for Change,

Banking for Equality

Change starts at the roots and we are here to strengthen those roots. Our Banking for Change initiative supports community-led projects that promote inclusion and equality. Join hands with us to improve underserved communities, promote education and create a more inclusive society for all.

Make a Difference with our Green Cards

Your spending can make a difference. With our Green Cards, a portion of every transaction goes to environmentally friendly projects and initiatives. Together, we are not just banking; we are investing in a cleaner, greener and more sustainable planet.

Developing with Community Consciousness

asır bank green finance

Green Growth, Green Gain

You can witness your investments flourish while contributing to a greener world. Our "Green Finance" options will combine your financial goals with your commitment to the environment. You can invest in projects for renewable energy, sustainable infrastructure and environmentally friendly initiatives while achieving your financial goals

Sustainable Mortgages,

Sustainable Homes

Owning a home is a dream that should not harm the environment. With our sustainable mortgages, you can make this dream a reality while supporting environmentally responsible construction practices. You can enjoy competitive rates while building the foundation for a sustainable future

Green Finance for a Greener Future

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