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Al Handal International Group Strengthens Cross-Border Ties at “UAE-Turkey Business Forum” in Abu Dhabi

On 19 July 2023, The “UAE-Turkey Business Forum” in Abu Dhabi witnessed a highly productive and impactful gathering of esteemed figures from Al Handal International Group (HIG), further solidifying strong cross-border collaborations.

The event featured Mr. Wadeea Al Handal, Chairman, Mr. Mohammed Al Handal, CEO, from HIG.

They engaged in fruitful discussions with key stakeholders from the banking, financial, and economic sectors, elevating the forum's significance.

Notably, Mr. Wadeea Al Handal and Mr. Mohammed Al Handal held important meetings with prominent individuals, including Turkish Minister of Trade, Mr. Omar Bulat, and Mr. Tevfik Öz, President of the Turkish-Emirati Business Council. Additionally, they met with Mr. Rashed Al Teneiji, the Director of Trade Promotion in Abu Dhabi, and Mr. Rahim Al Bayrak, the Advisor to the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey Investment Office.

The event marked a crucial milestone as future collaborations with Al Asr Bank (an investment bank established by HIG in Turkey) were activated, heralding a new era of strengthened Turkish-Iraqi-Gulf relations.

Al Handal International Group remains committed to fostering lasting partnerships and contributing to the growth and prosperity of the region.


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